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“Konnakkol” Somashekar Jois is the most sought after, highly respected and much-admired Konnakkol performer from India, with followers all over the world. He is known for enthralling audiences with melodious renditions, intricate and complex patterns, clarity combined with unmatched speeds, all loaded in his unique vocal timbre. Somashekar Jois has gained distinction as the only main stream Konnakkol artist, dedicated wholly to the art form. Perhaps he is the only Konnakkol artist to prominently accompany Carnatic Vocal concerts and has ensured through his maverick performances that Konnakkol is one of the most desired accompaniments to Carnatic Instrumental recitals. His innovative techniques have helped Instrumental & Percussive ensembles gain a distinct flavor. It is his passionate delivery that has catapulted his career as a Solo Artist into the International Arena. He has researched deeply and committedly strives hard to spread awareness & appreciation about the art form. He is also to be credited with creative ways of approaching Konnakkol through digital platforms & social media.
Somashekar Jois is the youngest artist to secure ‘A Grade in Konnakkol’ from All India Radio. Some of his Awards & Distinctions include 1st Rank in Vidwat Mridangam, Central Government HRD Scholarship, Percussive Arts Centre CMANA Award, Ananya Yuva Puraskar etc
Somashekar Jois has taken on the responsibility of popularizing & establishing ‘The Ancient Traditions of Konnakkol’ among aspiring musicians, dancers, connoisseurs & students. He has presented numerous lectures-demonstrations, conducted workshops, percussion ensembles, innumerable concerts and has performed Konnakkol with eminent musicians of India. In furtherance to this dream, he has founded WORLD KONNAKKOL ACADEMY LLP, world’s premiere music conservatory, dedicated purely & exclusively for propagation of Konnakkol.


About Konnakkol

Konnakol is an Indian Traditional Classical Ancient Artform of reciting or orally articulating Carnatic Music Percussion Syllables. This 5000 years old South Indian Rhythmic Language is perhaps the most complex, intricate & aesthetically designed vocal rhythmic system in the world, which is unsurpassed, unrivaled, unparalleled unmatched in stature, complexity, depth & in range. With its routes deep seated in India, Konnakol has journeyed across the globe, deeply influencing many aspirants. Today musicians & dancers of varied backgrounds across the world, come forward to India to learn Konnakol primarily to gain mastery, by exploring newer and exciting facets in rhythm. Learning Konnakol positively impacts us in physical, psychological and spiritual planes. It helps us improve speech, gain control of thoughts & emotions, sharpens our intellect, provides peace of mind and enlivens the soul. In simple, Konnakol is most ancient & most modern art, which equally appeals & attracts musicians, dancers, art lovers, aspirants, children & common man.

Key Highlights –

  • Brief introduction to Konnakkol art form, greatness of this tradition & legacy, little bit of history, benefits of learning the art, possibilities & scope, relevance & reliability to other genres etc.
  • Introduction to Aadi Tala (equivalent to 8/4 Time Signature)
  • Introduction to Basic Syllables Sol – Solkattu – Jathi. Understanding of syllables & importance of correct pronunciation, diction & modulation.
  • Simple Lessons, Traditional Compositions & New Age Practice Exercises
  • Konnakkol Construction Kit esp. for Drummers & Composers.

Note : 

  • Master Class welcomes all music & dance students, art enthusiasts, professional performers, composers etc. irrespective of level of knowledge or experience.
  • Age Limit – 15 years & above
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Registration fee is non-refundable
  • Post registration, ZOOM Link will be provided by the organization a few days before the course.


Course Attendance Fee: €24,90

Course Duration: 2 Hours
Registration deadline: November 26, 2020

Date : November 28th Saturday 2020

Time : 8:30pm – 10:30pm IST | 16:00 – 18:00 CET

The ZOOM link will be provided by the organization a few days before the course.


Send the registration form, the receipt of the payment made online and an identity document by email to: [email protected]

For more details contact: [email protected]



Google Site – https://worldkonnakkolacademy.business.site/

Artist Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/KonnakkolSomashekarJois

Academy Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/WorldKonnakkolAcademy

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/konnakkolsomashekarjois

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/KonnakkolSomashekarJois





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